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        The Water Valve

        This page is in transition. I have not had the time to do a proper step-by-step for the water valve. For now, here is some information about how you might proceed.

        (see the parts page)
        • electric solenoid water-valve, 24v DC, Orbit brand featured
        • 5/8in Inner-Diameter hose (maybe 3ft)
        • female and male threaded hose ends
        • metal hose clamps

        The current recommended valve is this little unit from Orbit. You can buy it online through Amazon, or you might be able to get it through your local home and garden store.

        There are a couple of varieties of this valve (latching / non-latching), but they all use 24v DC. This voltage is essentially a standard in the US for garden applications and it is much safer than the previous valve that was featured here.

        The valve featured here has a standard headphone plug (1/8in), so you can just use a standard audio jack to connect this valve to your system.

        To power you valve, you might consider using a computer power supply (ATX). Check out the power module page for more info.

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